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Buy Freeduino releases files and provides a name... other people do the rest. Some people have made new products with the Freeduino PCB files, while others have adopted the Freeduino name in true open-source spirit! We list each of them here with a link to its appropriate maker/vendor, in no particular order.

Didd you make a Freeduino board with the name "Freeduino" printed on it? Send us the detials and we'll post it here for free!


Freeduino USB: the original!


NKC Electronics has a Diecimila-compatible USB Freeduino that is available as a kit, with the USB chip pre-soldered.


Freeduino SB 2.2

Wow! This is the Freeduino SB 2.2, designed and built by the fine folks at Solarbotics. The "SB" 2.2 is 100% compatible with the Arduino Diecimilatm, and adds some extra perks:

  • choose between a type "A" or type "B" USB socket
  • preinstalled 16MHz crystal
  • FTDI "Bit-Bang" interface pins
  • battery-friendly power routing
  • space to add an optional potentiometer for ARef (analog reference)
  • has a power swtich
  • the RX/TX leds are near the USB jack, meaning you can see them with a shield mounted
    four mounting holes
  • attractively priced at $26!

The Freeduino SB 2.2 is sold as a "semi kit", with the surface-mount components already professionally soldered. You just need to solder theincluded through-hole parts like the socket, header pins and jacks. Check it out over at Solarbotics / HVWTech...


Freeduino Epic

Wow! This is the Freeduino Epic, a new Freeduino by DH-Global. In their own words, "The Freeduino Epic is an Arduino Mega compatible clone with minor differences. It has the same specs, i.e. an ATmega1280 microcontroller with 54 digital I/O's, 16 analog inputs, 4 UART's, power jack, reset button, and an ICSP header. The main difference is it does not have a USB port, but a serial header to be used with an FTDI USB to serial cable. Not putting USB on the board lowers the cost of the board benefitting the buyer. It also does not come with headers for the I/O. "

JK Devices Freeduino 5V/3.3V Hybrid

Another Freeduino is born, this time from JK Devices. The JKD Freeduino Hybrid is dual-voltage, dual regulator Freeduino Board that is Arduino Shield and Duemilanove compatible. Special features include on-board level translators for 5V/3.3V, an additional header aligned to 0.1" grid for breadboard compatibility that allows you to create your own shields without modifying or bending pins, and all the usual Freeeduino/Arduino fixings. Even better, it is available as kit, so you can solder up a storm, just as every good Freeduino builder was meant to do!

Freeduino Hybrid


Bhasha Freeduino Lite 2.0

Freeduino makes it all the way to India! The Bhasha Technologies Freeduino Lite v2 is low cost, bare-bones Freeduino Board that is Arduino Shield compatible. Easily embeddable in projects, it includes a power selector so it can be run on an external adapter or via USB, and an easy programming connection via FTDI Breakout cable or Bhasha's own USB breakout board. Head on over to Bhasha and check it out!


Freeduino Nano

2009 is the year of Freeduino! Unbeknownst to us (just as it should be) Nu Electronics in the UK has come up with the Freeduino Nano , a tiny (1.9inch x 0.7 inch) board with ATMEGA328P-AU microprocessor that can be plugs directly into your prototype board or your application board.



Freeduino Serial 2.0


The Freeduino Serial 2.0 is an another awesome new RS232 Freeduino, deisgned and sold by NKC Electronics. This design uses a MAX232 chip, making it programmable on a standard DB-9 Serial port. It's 100% Arduino compatible, and available as a kit, or as just a PCB, form the ever-excellent NKC electronics.

Eagle schematic and board files for the above are available here.

Freeduino Barebones

This is the classic "Barebones Board", ideal for prototyping, Requires an external USB cable for programming. All the details are available through the vendor's sites: and

Schematic, Gerbers and CAD files for the BBB are available in ZIP format here.

Freeduino 'Really Barebones'


The Freeduino Really Barebones is a tiny breadboard-ready kit that makes prototyping fast, easy and cheap. Requires an external USB cable for programming. Sold by and

Freeduino MaxSerial


The Freeduino MaxSerial is an awesome new RS232 Freeduino designed and sold by Fundamental Logic. It's about $20, programmable on a standard DB-9 Serial port and 100% Arduino compatible. While we could go on and on about this new board, but why not hop on over to Fundamental Logic and see for yourself. Available in assembled and kit version, or as just a PCB for you diehard hacker types.

Eagle schematic and board files for the above are available here.